A holiday on Curacao offers many opportunities. The combination of sun and the lovely temperature produce many ideas to spend the time on the island.
Sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, dancing, hiking, kayaking, biking, windsurfing, kite surfing, parachuting, mountain climbing, visiting museums, going to cafés, culinary pampering, visiting casinos, watching ships, shopping, sailing, sea fishing, swimming with dolphins, drinking cocktails, enjoying happy hours, reading, painting, searching shells, hiring a motor boat, going quad biking through the wilderness, motorcycling, eating Krioyo, in short, endless possibilities!

Guests of ours added yet something new to this list: making mobile out of driftwood and coral stones.
The coasts of the island are filled with pieces of dead coral. Also with lots of driftwood washed ashore by the currents.
Some pieces of coral naturally contain a hole to for instance stick a thread through. Add a little creativity to the wood and stone and create a beautiful and balanced mobile!
Marja and Jan from The Netherlands, thank you for your creative contribution!!

P1010813 bwP1010815 bwP1010814 bw

Something else creative here on the island is Gladys Art. Gladys paints on driftwood. For customers she takes on any assignments and paints anything: name signs, logos, or just something colorful with text.
Gladys has painted us three signs; the warning sign on the sundeck for the slippery floor when wet, and the two name signs for our apartments.
On the latter two we will soon get back to you!

P1010818 bw


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Our residence is located east of Willemstad, in one of the most beautiful areas on the island. Because of the incredibly beautiful surroundings, some large resorts such as Chogogo, Livingstone and Papagayo are also situated here. 

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Appartementen BlouBlou Curaçao
Kaya Damasco 56
Jan Thiel / Willemstad

Telephone: +5999 6620015 (Roel)
                   +5999 6823775 (Alja)
Email address: info@bloublou.nl 



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