Parke Tropikal Zoo

Parke Tropikal Zoo


Or Zoo Curacao.


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For a while now we have been aware there is a zoo on Curacao, but we still hadn’t found the time to visit it.
Saturday is the big day!
We allow ourselves a free afternoon. In the end, it is still a Saturday so that should be fine.
Full of expectations we drive towards the district Mahaai, where the Zoo should be situated somewhere. Soon the signs pointed us into the right direction. It is very busy in the small traffic park next to the parking lot, where we give our cars a spot.
Children in pedal-cars, trolleys and bikes chaotically violate traffic laws and regulations of normal traffic, and they’re having fun doing it.
On the left side of the park is the entrance to the zoo, so we look for the counter to pay.
Wherever we look there’s no window, but a kind gentleman in the corner of the area on a chair told us the zoo is free, FREE!!!
We enter the zoo and are greeted by four friendly donkeys, which seem to have it to their liking. Behind the donkeys you’ll find a kind of petting zoo with horses, a fat pig in a puddle, a turkey, not the most beautiful but with a very impressive head, surrounded by some guinea-fowls.

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Also the goats have it (greatly) to their liking, and almost all are pregnant with twins, the zookeeper told us cheerfully.
He also told they actually do not have the room for so many goats, and that the only non-birth-limited buck is put in a separate cage.
We look at the man questioningly. He told us roaring with laughter that the buck makes it a sport to please the ladies through the mesh, and the ladies are willingly working with him, yeah!
We walk on through the park and find a complete zoo with monkeys in different shapes and sizes, parrots, geese, flamingos and crocodiles.

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We have also heard there should be a lion somewhere, but we weren’t able to find it. Well, lions do not have the eternal life, so ...... instead of the lion there was a very impressive cougar in the loft. He was busy on his meal and did not really show, what we can understand, as we do not like to be disturbed during the meal, ha, ha!

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Yet, we were able to get a good picture of him!
It was a very successful afternoon, and we have enjoyed ourselves.
This zoo is small, and therefore very nice to visit again when you're on vacation with small children.
At the exit is a box for a voluntary donation, because animals must also have food and care and the park obviously has to be preserved.
Parke Tropical Zoo
Chuchubiweg z / n
Open Tuesday / Sunday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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