Gathering wood

Gathering wood


Yesterday we went to the north shore to gather wood.

P1010590 bw

This wood was needed for the signs with the names of our apartments. It was quite an adventure.
We reached the north coast somewhere near Playa Kanoa, the only bay in the north where you can swim, snorkel and dive, via a small unpaved road and eventually ended up in a kind of lunar landscape.
In the distance we could see more cars and it looked like there was a party going on over there.
We parked our car at one of the windmills east of Hato.

P1010589 bw

It was even more exciting because I only had my trustworthy slippers on me and no sturdy shoes. The ground up to the water was filled with sharp stones and the lava underneath was also razor sharp. I had to be careful placing my feet.
We had almost reached the shore, when a lady behind us suddenly said "sir, may I ask you something?".
"Yes, of course," I said, so she went on. "We are shooting a video for our dancing school and you’ve parked your car exactly in the background view."
I was bothered at first, but I actually thought it was kind of fun! In the middle of nowhere suddenly something like this happens! I went carefully back again to park my car behind the group.
Indeed, it was a TV commercial made in a professional way with ladies dancing, a bare background and two rotating windmills. A beautiful picture.

P1010591 bw

When I returned to my own group, I was glad they had already gathered some wood.
In a sort of cove, not a bay but just because of the rough sea worn, we could finally score some more sticks.
Exciting, because every few waves one smashed hard against the shore and the water would also reach the spot where we were looking.

P1010593 bw

With a bag full of deadwood, we went back home satisfied.
Tuesday we will deliver the pieces of wood to Gladys Art, please check out her Facebook page, who will paint the signs for us.


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