I did postpone it for a while, going to the hairdresser. On the one hand there was no time for it, on the other hand I thought, "who should I possibly see here on the island?".

The last Skype conversation with our boys in the Netherlands was decisive. The boys compared me to the Scottish Red Holstein cattle that roam the dunes between Bergen and Egmond in The Netherlands! Yes, then it is time to go to a hairdresser!!

Yesterday I had to do some shopping and post a letter at the post office at the Santa Rosaweg. Next to the post office is a hairdresser. A shop with promising, brightly colored neon lights, like "you will be reborn here"!

Anyway, with my letter posted, I then stepped into the barber shop. It was a long, narrow room, fitted with white fluorescent lights on the ceiling and along the entire room, on the right and left two huge mirrored walls. When I looked left I saw myself 10 times, and when I looked right again 10 times. Okay, I guess that’s standard here.

Luckily it was not busy, and on the left two Antillean guys were wasting time on the barber chairs, one apparently listening to music through his earphones. On the right I saw two ladies being cut and groomed. Ah, a real hairdresser it is!!

I walk on and am addressed by the first Antillean guy, "Bon Tardi sir, how can I help you?".

I briefly explained there was a forest growing on my head and some of it had to go. "Take a seat," and the young man stands up to let me sit in his chair. The other young man was sitting quietly in his chair, continuously listening to his music.
"How would you like it, sir?", asked the young man. After my explanation he said suddenly, "Oh, you must be with my colleague, because I shave with an electric trimmer." Wow, I was really happy there, as it was a really close call or I was crew cut, which is quite common here on the island!

I moved a chair over and met his colleague, the young man with the earphones, which happened to stay in his ears the entire time.

This young man was a specialist with the scissors. I could really notice, for in the beginning he went on like a hedge trimmer. In the Netherlands, I was used to the subtlety of the Cosmo hairdresser, and this was very different! I remained constantly sharp, thinking "when should I hit the brakes?".

He cut my hair to his heart's content and did not speak much. I did try to make some contact, but I only got a short but correct answer back. Apparently he’s a real music enthusiast.

A lot of hair disappeared in my apron, but luckily I did not have to intervene.

My heart pounded a little bit quicker when he wet my neck and grabbed a sharp razor. But with experienced movements he neatly shaved my neck.

Just one comb through my damp hair, and the Antillean young man with earphones was done.

It looked pretty neat, a bit short for my understanding, but I was satisfied. He picked up a coupon book and wrote a note by hand. He handed it over along with a handshake, and I had to checkout at the front of the store. I could not quite decipher what was on the note, so I had to be surprised at the checkout. For just thirty guilders my hair was cut! That’s it!

After twenty minutes I was outside again. My first hairdresser experience!!




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