Pool takes shape!

Pool takes shape!


It's time for an update.

Since one and a half week we got some help from our friends from the Netherlands, who are staying in Apartment C.
Meanwhile, Apartment B is also occupied by a third friend, who arrived last Monday.

In the past two weeks a lot of work has been done and Apartments Blou Blou Curacao is beginning to take shape!
Hector and his men are busy with the construction of our swimming pool.
After digging the pit first, it was time for the carpenters to set the formwork. One of these men told us he was also a pastor of a parish in one of the northern districts of Willemstad.


Sometimes, besides carpentry, he and his fellow workmen fall into discussions about faith. Very special!
After setting the formwork, the concrete gusher could make his play. Hats off to this man, who, in the extreme heat, has finished this heavy job in just one day.

Luckily it did not rain during the works. They were afraid of this, since the beginning of the rain season has arrived.
This week, the formwork was removed again and they started building the stairs, creating the pump housing and sliding back of the ground.P1000501

It is really starting to take shape now!!


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Our residence is located east of Willemstad, in one of the most beautiful areas on the island. Because of the incredibly beautiful surroundings, some large resorts such as Chogogo, Livingstone and Papagayo are also situated here. 

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