You can arrive or depart every day. As indicated earlier, there is a minimum stay of at least 7 nights. The arrival time is 3 PM or later; we ask you to leave the property before 11 AM, so there will be the opportunity to timely clean the accommodation for the next guests. Only when the apartment is not rented out directly adjacent, we can discuss and agree on another departure time.

The property is intended solely as a holiday accommodation. You are expected to take the views into account which apply to inhabiting luxury residential areas on Curacao. This means among other things that there may be of no inconvenience to local residents (in whatever form), nude or topless sunbathing and/or having parties and other gatherings where more than the number of persons booked will be present (unless you have a written permission notice by your landlord). When in doubt, please consult the landlord.

Before you book, you can take an option. During this option period you will have the opportunity to arrange flights to and from the island. During this period, the property will not be rented out to someone else in your specified period. The length of this option period will depend on the demand for availability and will be noticed in advance to you; mostly this revolves around one week. The option will expire automatically after this period if we have not received message from you.
Together with the booking confirmation, we will send you the invoice for your reservation. Within 2 (two) weeks after receiving the invoice, you must pay 20% of the total amount as a pre-payment. Your booking is confirmed when the payment is received. The other 80% must have been transferred to our bank account at least 4 (four) weeks before your arrival date.
The deposit and tourist taxes will be invoiced together with the rental amount.

The landlord cannot be taken responsible for:

  • Theft, damage or any losses during the rental of the apartment / guest room;
  • Accidents on or outside the premises of apartments Blou Blou Curacao, including the swimming pool;
  • Temporary equipment malfunctions in and around the property and temporary disruptions in power or water supply;
  • Force majeure of any kind;
  • Obvious errors made by the guests of any kind;
  • (Inconvenience of) building activities outside the rented plot.
  • Upon accepting the reservation, the tenant expressively agrees on these conditions.

The tenant is liable during the tenancy for damage caused by him to the apartment / guest room, swimming pool, garden and / or furniture. Damages should always be reported, even if these could be repaired by the guests themselves. Self repair is not allowed. If the damage is caused by you, we will declare the repair / replacement costs to you.

The landlord has insured the house and the rented out inventory against usual risks and to usual conditions at a local insurance company. Goods belonging to the guests are not insured. We recommend you having good travel insurance.


The accommodations are equipped with a working alarm system. The guests are obliged to use it if all people leave the property. The guests must realize that if the alarm does not appear to have been used, all damages caused by theft and / or burglary are at their expense. This also applies to damage to the inventory and apartments / guest room.


It is important to know how the apartment / guest room (and especially the kitchen in the apartment) should be left behind at departure. The final cleaning is included, but the kitchen equipment should basically be left behind clean. The guests are responsible for the waste they leave behind. The usage of a container is free. Waste may not be offered outside of a container in according to the legislation on Curacao. Please ask your landlord for more information.

On Curacao you live outside. Naturally you can raise your smoke there. Please note that smoking outdoors can be a fire hazard due to the drought in Curacao. Also on behalf of many fellow tenants, we urge you not to smoke inside the accommodation.
The use of drugs and / or hallucinogens, in whatever form, is not permitted. When breaching these rules is observed, the lease may be terminated by the landlord with immediate effect.
We advise you urgently, when consuming alcoholic beverages, to avoid such quantities which might disturb neighbors. When we receive complaints from local residents, the lease may be terminated by the landlord with immediate effect.


The apartments and guest room are under private management.
Please note that the property is cleaned weekly, the garden is maintained and sometimes acute repairs have to take place. Therefore it could be that staff we hired, has to enter the residence. We will of course do this in consultation with you, so you will know in advance when to expect this. We ask for your understanding. In the vast majority of instances you will not have to stay home for this.

Pets are not allowed.


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Our residence is located east of Willemstad, in one of the most beautiful areas on the island. Because of the incredibly beautiful surroundings, some large resorts such as Chogogo, Livingstone and Papagayo are also situated here. 

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Appartementen BlouBlou Curaçao
Kaya Damasco 56
Jan Thiel / Willemstad

Telephone: +5999 6620015 (Roel)
                   +5999 6823775 (Alja)
Email address: info@bloublou.nl 



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